Rickrungood presents


Private Societies for the Golf Club 2019

The RunGood Tour (PRO)

Cross-Platform for XBOX & PS4

Compete with golfers from both consoles

No Handicap or Club Restrictions

Play with Master, Pro, or Beginner Clubs, but please be consistent

Stat & Standings Tracking

Rick will publish stat visualizations and player profiles

Raw Scoring, Flighted Competition

Compete against your similarly skilled peers at raw scoring

24-Event Seasons

Including Majors, Championships, and a Season Finale

Curated Courses

The best of TGC, suggested by players, hand-picked by RickĀ 

Prizes For Winners

The Top 10 players from each platform will earn prizes

Talk Smack on Slack

Never be without a partner for match play, this community has your back

Player Stats and Standings

Competition Rules

Season 3 will feature flights to ensure competitive results for all players.
Handicaps will not be enforced or included in any results.
Read the full set of rules below.

Tour Schedule