Competition Rules

Brief Overview

  • Season 4 will be played without handicaps.
  • Cross-Platform – you’ll play against players on both PS4 and XBOX.
  • You’ll be assigned a “Flight” in which you’ll compete against similarly skilled players in raw scoring.
  • Schedule is (24) events over 8 weeks (3 Events Per Week)
  • Stats & Standings will be hosted on, not PGA Tour 2K21
  • Prizes will be distributed for total point scorers across all flights, per console.

Flight System
For Season 4, there will be a “Flight System” that allows you to compete against your similarly skilled peers at raw scoring.

Club Requirements
There is no required club set for Season 4. I just ask that whatever clubs you use during Qualifying, you use for the entire season.

Flight System
Each flight will consist of approximately 25 golfers. Your flight will be determined by a qualifying tournament before the start of Season 4, will feature in-season shuffling and will include promotion/relegation at the end of Season 4.

In-Season Flight Shuffling
Season 4 will have in-season flight shuffling for advanced equality. There will be (3) shuffles within the season that all players will be subject to. The entire Tour will be reshuffled after events #6, #12 and #18. These will be based on a scoring performance model similar to the PGA TOUR’s “strokes gained”.

Season 4 will feature three events per week, for eight weeks, creating a 24 event schedule. Events will run Monday-Tuesday, Wednesday-Thursday and Friday-Sunday. Each event will be two rounds.

There will be an open qualifying event prior to Event #1 that will consist of four rounds to help determine your flight.

There will be (15) Regular Events, (4) Championships, (4 Majors) and (1) Final. Each event type will have a different point system based on your finishing position.

Point System
These points will be assigned manually, by Rick, and not through the PGA Tour 2K21 system. Points are weighted based on the event type and will determine the official standings for the RunGood Tour. If there is a tie for a position, all players tied will receive the full point value.
Point values are below:

Entry Fee & Prizes
Membership fee for Season 4 will be $24. If you are currently paying the recurring monthly fee, no need to make any changes.

Prizes will be awarded to Top 10 Total Point Scorers on each console. These are per console, not per flight. Since all points are being awarded per flight and the number of players in each flight should remain relatively consistent, there is no need to create further subsets. Actual prizes to be determined and will be announced before Qualifying.